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A team of horses and a dray wagons were the humble beginnings of a family business that dates back to 1890 and now have the 5th generation involved in its operations. Incorporated as Moir Cartage Ltd. In the 1920’s and having progressed to motorized trucks from teams of horses and wagons, the firm had among many jobs of distinction such as the first commercial load to cross the Ambassador Bridge on November 8th, 1929. To this day the firm still provides service to the historic structure for maintenance and upgrades. It also hauled components for the construction of the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel. Now called Moir Crane Service Ltd., the company has survived wars, the Great Depression and recessions.

“Name a major project in the Windsor and Essex County over the past 100 years odds are Moir was involved.” Says 4th generation owner Randy Moir. Ford, Chrysler, GM, Construction of the EC Row and Herb Gray Parkway, Solar farms, Wind Farms, new home construction, apartment and office buildings, the new City Hall, the Flag project at Riverside & Ouellette, the Windsor Casino, the new Gordie Howe Bridge, Nexstar Battery Plant, just to name a few!

Over the years Moir also provided resources and expertise to preservation projects such as moving the 5588 Locomotive to its final position on Riverside Drive.

Under the supervision of 3rd generation owner, the late James Moir, the firm moved the Lancaster Bomber down Ouellette to its perch at Jackson Park. In later years the firm lifted down the Bomber for restoration and put up the replica plane now on Display.

James was also instrumental in the preservation of many structures that were moved to Heritage Village and the Canadian Transportation Museum on the Arner Town Line. James was a long standing member there as well. Randy’s son James operates the firm’s cranes and daughter Shannon represent the 5th generation of Moir’s involved in the business. James operates cranes with capacities up to 200 tonnes and boom lengths in excess of 300 feet. Shannon is the Vice President of operations. A 6th generation could be in the wings, although proud grandfather Randy says it’s a little too early to tell.

“Whether it be a large or small project ours is a competitive business” says Moir, “but our customer base represents the best of the best in their fields and they recognize that cheaper isn’t always better. We consistently strive for safe, reliable service with professional operators add never lose sight of the fact our customers have a choice! We thank them for consistently using us.”


From hoisting trusses to building international bridges, our equipment can help complete your projects, big or small.




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